Regular Maintenance During COVID-19



Stay Safe.

Protect Your Investment.

 Regular water care services from Bubba's Tubs & Pools not only ensure the quality of your water, but our trained technicians can come to your house and safely perform this maintenance for you: no more having to bring your water samples to a dealer.

Services offered:

  1. On-Site Water Care: Avail of our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly water care services, such as cleaning, draining, refilling, and balancing.

  2. Water Care Product Delivery: We will be offering free local delivery on purchases over $200.

  3. Hot Tub Cover Purchases: We are offering free local delivery on all new hot tub cover purchases.

To book your appointment or learn more, simply text us at (709) 579-SPAS.

Or, if you want us to reach out to you, leave your information in the form on this page.