Model 395 – 2 Person

model-395The smallest of the Self-Cleaning Hot Tub series, this is a little sports car design built for 2 or 3! There is little room for entertaining in this hot tub, but that’s not what this hot tub is for. It is simply for the two of us, and generally nobody else!

  • The 300 Gold hot tub include the following standard features:
  • Self-Cleaning Filtration – Convenient Ongoing maintenance
  • Quick Drain Plus – Convenient Spa Draining System
  • Self-Draining Built-in Ice Bucket for your favorite refreshments
  • Single pump 30-jet Hydro-massage System


Popular Upgrades to these hot tubs include the following:

  • Hydropool’s Exclusive Salt-Water Systems
  • Audio upgrade / Stereo system
  • Northern Lights Topside Lighting Package
  • Cascading Hydrofall Topside Jet Package
  • 10-Jet Air Bubbler Package
  • 2 Cascading Water Fall Pillows
  • Deluxe Garden-Fx Mood-Lighting System