AquaTrainer 19DTfX

HP15-2016 DTfX AT Topside Silver Marble FNL

Just like the AquaTrainer models but with duel tank and duel temperature units. With the hot tub and swimming section separate you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The Self-Cleaning Aquatrainer 19 DTfX swim spa has it all, including all the exercise features with variable resistant swim current and a hot tub featuring thigh / abductor jets for lower body massage with full lounger and two full body massage hydrotherapy seats. This dual zoned model has separate controlled and operated swim spa and hot tub that delivers the ultimate in flexibility and power.

This swim spa is an aquatic all-in-one gym providing a great training center for the individual athlete who still wants to have fun with their family. Both the swim spa and hot tub feature our exclusive self-cleaning system. You won’t find another swim spa or hot tub like ours anywhere.

  • Recessed jetting
  • LED lighting
  • Safety steps
  • Self Cleaning Technology


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