About Bubba's Tubs & Pools

In 2023, Bubba’s Tubs is celebrating its 19th year in business.

Throughout these years, we have crossed several milestones and have received a few awards along the way.

Among our more notable industry achievements are:

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Being the best retailer for the largest manufacturer of hot tubs in Canada has been no small feat and with that experience, we have received some local recognition:

  • Consumers Choice Award for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools 2010
  • Consumers Choice Award for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools 2011
  • Consumers Choice Award for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools 2012


This trend and the ongoing recognition from both the industry and the local community not only brings us a great deal of humility and gratitude but has certainly allowed us to reach our original goals.

What we are most proud of, however, is our ability to give back, and over the years, we have been active in assisting many organizations, including, but limited to

  • Rotary International – Local events
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • The Canadian Military*
  • Irish Kirby House
  • Eastern Health Foundation
  • Easter Seals
  • C.L.B
  • Share the Gift of Water (International)


This “giving back” is most certainly what has separated us in Newfoundland and Labrador from all other related businesses. With the continued support of the local community, we will continue to participate in local charities and organizations.

As a final note, in 2010, Bubba’s Tubs and Pools joined perhaps Canada’s most dynamic group of related companies – Leisurescapes. In 2013, Greg (the owner) was elected to co-chair of the board. That same year Leisurescapes joined the United Aqua Group (UAG), which is an enormous achievement. Through these partnerships, Bubba’s will be able to bring cutting-edge technologies and exclusive products to the people of the province for years to come! Having Greg in partnership with these industry-leading groups will ensure many exciting new developments for years to come!

Finally, without Bubba’s industry-trained and factory-trained staff, none of this would be possible. With over 35 years of combined experience, Bubba’s tubs have the best team to be able to meet your needs.