Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

Less Time Maintaining and more time relaxing.

No other hot tub manufacturer offers the type of filtration and water care programs which when combined give you the easiest hot tub ownership experience available in the world today. Beyond being the the easiest hot tubs in the world to maintain, these hot tubs have a selection of options that are not available on any other products on the market – waterfall pillows, hydrother programmable hydrotherapy packages, health and wellness programs, quick drain systems, self-draining built-in ice buckets, dream scents aromatherapy dispensers, heated champagne bubblers, northern lights, tranquility packages, entertainment and luxury edition packages are all features that are above and beyond the simple self-cleaning features that make these hot tubs so popular.

Please visit us in person to see the differences – they will truly amaze you. Beyond convenience look for the “customizable” experience. Offering Starlight, Tranquility, Hydrotherapy, Entertainment and Luxury Edition Packages – there is a reason why these are the most popular hot tubs in Canada.