What To Expect From Your Pool Opening

Scheduling your Pool Opening

This one is twofold. First, call us and schedule your pool opening as soon as possible. Do not wait until the weather is warm and you're yearning for a swim to schedule your pool opening. This year, for example, we were completely booked for May pool openings by the end of April. Second, never schedule a pool opening for the week of your very important pool party. Not only does weather play a factor in our schedules, but there is no guarantee your pool equipment will all be functioning properly, or that your water will be swimmable at the time of opening. The best practice would be not to schedule any important event featuring your pool until after your pool is up and running for the season. As a reminder, you can schedule your Pool Opening, by calling us at (709) 579-7727 or online here.


What is included in a Pool Opening?

Our basic pool opening includes the installation of your ladder and lights, starting your pump and heater if your pool water is at the operating level, and a pool shock treatment. We also offer the addition of a comprehensive dose of opening chemicals (pool opening kits)  to help quickly bring your pool around. We also offer the removal of safety covers and cleaning of your filter. This gives the pool owner control of customizing their pool opening to their liking. Winter equipment and cover will be left to the pool owner’s discretion.


Preparing for your pool opening

Have all equipment out (in close proximity to the pool) and ready for the day of your opening.

If you are not having us remove the cover, make sure the cover is off when we get there, and your pool water is at the operating level.


What to expect and what not to expect

If any equipment is not functioning at the time of the opening, we will do what we can to finish the pool opening but we cannot do equipment repairs at this time. Our opening schedule is extremely tight and equipment repairs will need to be scheduled for another time.

Also, please understand that a pool opening does not guarantee swimmable water. Although we open your pool and get things running, depending on the condition of the water at the time of opening, the water very likely will require more chemicals and vacuuming to get cleaned and balanced. After we open your pool, we recommend you let your water circulate for 24 hours and retest your water (you can bring your water sample to Bubba’s for free of charge test) and vacuum and add more chemicals by yourself, as necessary.


The Moral of the Story

Plan, accordingly, schedule your pool opening early, and don't expect a clean, clear swimmable pool after your pool has been opened. Sometimes pools will be green when we open them and other times, they will be clear. There are too many variables to be able to predict what you will end up with. Last, but not least, don't plan a pool party for the day after your pool opening is scheduled either. Excessive debris and leaves are the owner’s responsibility and are subject to charge extra fee.